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StopScrolling's message is simple:


Detach Yourself > Become Aware > Stay Happy 

The StopScrolling Mission


Look around the next time you walk down the street or ride the subway. Odds are, a majority of people will be on their cell phones. Even riding a bike, or worse - driving a car -  is not reason enough for people to put their phones down. The dangers of driving and texting are real and well-documented, but there are also persistent concerns - both physically and psychologically - that accompany over-using cell phones outside of your vehicle. You may have noticed people are always on their phones, but you probably just assumed that this is the new normal and like-it-or-not, was here to stay. After all, what is the harm of scrolling through social media on your evening commute?


One of StopScrolling's main goals is to shed some light on the negative effects of constant phone use. Just take a look at some of the research examning whether your cell phone is making you unhappy. Some studies go a step further and claim that your iPhone is making you depressed! Not unhappy or depressed? There are also other, unexpected ways that your phone could be negatively affecting your life. Are you aware that people are now even questioning whether smartphones have destroyed a generation?!

*Research studies and other papers like these are continuing to increase in number and we expect that to continue until people realize the negative effects of overusing their phones and do something to change it! 


  • Examine your own relationship with your phone
    • Don't take our word for it - Browse through some of the links from above and see where you stand. Ask yourself a few questions if you are still unsure: How many minutes (or hours) do I spend per day on my phone? Do I use my phone to escape brief moments of boredom? Do I subconsciously 'check' my phone throughout the day? 
  • Become comfortable without your phone!
    • As you can tell from our logo, we believe in meditation to help with this. We realize that meditation is not for everyone, so at the very least, the next time you are waiting for the subway don't mindlessly scroll through Facebook. Instead, take a second to just breath and take in the sights and smells!
  • Share our message others! 
    • Spread our symbol of detachment by ordering a Detachment Attachment! (see below) when they become available for purchase!
    • We are not on social media, but feel free to share our link on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! 

The Detachment Attachment

stopscrolling meditation zen mindful mindfulness phone addiction

What it is:

The 'Detachment Attachment' is a plastic 1.5 inch square tag that attaches to something as a daily reminder to detach yourself from your phone and raise your awareness to life outside of a screen. 

How to use it:

Stick or tie your Detachment Attachment to something that you use frequently - a purse or bookbag, a doorknob, your refrigerator, even the back of your phone! Get one for yourself or as a gift for someone who needs a reminder to get off their phone and start experiencing life!

How to Get One!

Stay posted. Detachment Attachments will soon be available for purchase on our website! 

About StopScrolling

Our Story:

StopScrolling was created in 2017 by a guy who was tired of constantly seeing the same thing - texting during movies, 'Instagramming' during dinner dates, conversations without eye contact, and missed home-runs because of excessive Snapchats. (Don't get me wrong, I am an active user on many social media platforms, but I now know when and more importantly - how often - to use them.)

The story of StopScrolling began when our founder and current owner - Dylan - moved to New York City a few years back. He was fresh out of college and starting a high-stress job, barely able to afford rent. After settling in and getting accustomed to the pace of the city he began to notice how everyone always walked around with their eyes glued to their phones. The more he noticed it, the more it bothered him - millennials, baby-boomers, children - it did not seem to matter. Everyone was suffering from phone addiction!

After speaking with people and doing some reading, it was clear that while he was in the minority, he was certainly not alone. Many others had noticed this trend, but with all the other problems in the world, this one was largely being overlooked! Dylan decided that it was time for that to change.

StopScrolling was created as a result - to help people realize just how powerless they have become to their phone-use and to offer a solution to those who want to change. Through personal experience the StopScrolling team believes that the best way to loosen the addiction to your phone is through meditation. Meditation, among many things, can help people slow down their thoughts and appreciate the quiet moments of just being. Many times we reach for our phones as a distraction - a tool to divert us from living in the present. Any brief moment without a stimulus and we reach in our pockets to fill the lull. We are striving to get the point across that it is perfectly okay (and actually very healthy) to be bored at times and that we should all learn to detach ourselves. 

Detach Yourself > Become Aware > Stay Happy

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